Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is GOLD taking over? How to wear gold clothes?

I've been pinning for How To Match Clothes Colors Pinterest for well over a year now, and as much as last year finding outfits with gold color in them was rather hard, lately I am seeing a lot of outfits with gold clothes. And I love it! It's such an interesting spin on the classic trend to wear metallic. Gold always looks luxurious, and glamorous.

So how to wear gold clothes?

1. With jeans - infuse your daily casuals with some glitzines of gold. Recommended to be paired with nude heels.

2. Gold skirt and a grey shirt - perfect mix of sporty casual and glam.

3. With accent color: coral - match your gold piece with a white or neutral piece, and top it of with a juicy orange or coral accent piece.

4. Wear gold with nudes - for a soft and romantic look.

More interesting ideas can be found on the Pinterest board dedicated to outfits with gold color in them :).


Ps. I do not own the photos - they were all sourced from Pinterest.