Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to wear purple or aubergine skinny jeans?

Purple is the quintessential fall color, that can easily be transitioned into winter. So if you still haven't invested in a pair of purple skinny jeans, I strongly encourage you to do so.

1. Style it with black and white - purple styles extremely well when matched with black and white geometric prints, or even color blocking. It's a perfect clothing item to match with a geometric print oversize cardigans, that became so popular recently.

2. Wear it with an animal print scarf - a plain shirt or sweater, and a huge scarf, and you are ready to go. All warm purple tones match very well with leopard print, so if you have any other accessories like bags or shoes with that wild print, it's gonna fit perfectly!

3. Style it with white and gold - go for a cool toned white shirt and absolutely overload your outfit with chunky gold pieces, and you will look FAB! The cool tone white will provide a contrast to the berry tone of your skinnies, while the gold will ad a warm accent. This is just perfect to wear that chunky gold statement necklace, that just does not seem to go with anything.

4. Wear it with camel / beige on top - this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but beige being the natural contrast color for purple and berry tones, is also a viable choice to match. Add a pop of other colors, like orange, red or light blue to bridge the gap on the color wheel for this combination.

5. Go for the classic faux leather jacket - a plain grey or white tee, and a leather jacket... You can't go wrong with that. But in this coordination the purple skinny jeans will add a playful and warm element, to balance the harshness of the jacket.

Hope this will be useful to you! Do share your styling ideas. If you snap a photo on instagram, please tag it #StylingPurpleSkinnyJeans so you can inspire others :D

If you wish to see more berry color inspirations, please check this Pinterest board:

Have a great day!

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