Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 easy ways to style animal print pants

Animal print pants have been all the rage recently. The popular variety is loose and baggy, promising comfort, as you run about your day. Don't miss out on this trend! It' s the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner lioness :)

1. Style it classy - a white top, white blazer and signature investment bag will off-set the bold print. Alternatively, go with a black blazer, although this combo is a bit more harsh.

2. Style it casual - with a plain white top and a statement colorful necklace or outer piece. Cute, but still on the wild side.

3. Style it colorful - leopard print matches extremely well with peach pink or classical chambray blue. Those colors create a more eye-catching coordination, but it's a well balanced one.
Cobalt blue is the best accent color for peach pink

4. With beige or camel colored outerwear - beige complements animal prints. Best combination is to use a bigger outer piece like a jacket or over-sized blazer to provide enough color balance for the pants. Go for a shirt in darker tones, to avoid the "safari" look.

The clutch adds a pop of red color
5. Wear it edgy - there is no animal print in this world that does not look sassy and edgy when paired with a black faux leather jacket. Keep the upper part of the outfit in dark colors, and go crazy on the gold statement jewelry.

Styling tip: keep your shoes flat for this one. There is a lot going on, and it's easy to go OTT.

Hope this will be useful to you! Do share your styling ideas. If you snap a photo on instagram, please tag it #StylingAnimalPringPants so you can inspire others :D

Have a great day!

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